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The main goal of this campaign is to get the Rocky Mount city sanitation workers a fair living wage increase. 4 out of 7 city council leaders have given a 36% raise to our police department, a 27% raise to our fire department, but only a $1.62 an hour increase to our sanitation department, at which the majority of workers are BLACK.

This only comes out to another $12.96 A DAY to fight the ever increasing prices of Food, Gas, Utilities, Rent, Mortgage, and just to live. The sanitation workers did have a fellow employee speaking up for them by the name of Arnie Jones, but the city suspended Mr. Jones for his speaking out for a fair wage increase, and we can't tolerate that.

They are basing their decision on A STUDY, but there is no study on this planet that can give us the right to tell someone "This is how much you need to support your family!", not while there are people out here who CAN WORK, and have FREE Rent, FREE Food, FREE utilities, and FREE healthcare, at our expense!

These sanitation workers made the choice TO WORK to support their family, and not depend on the government.

Once my team becomes the majority on the Rocky Mount, NC city council, our #1 job is to get the sanitation workers their increase, and to get Arnie Jones his job back WITH back pay!

So I am asking you as a fellow CONTENT CREATORS and FRIENDS, to not only support me and my team, but to use your social media platform and share this message, in order to help us spread the word all over THE WORLD to EVERY news outlet and person, about these injustices the people are enduring here in this city.

The four councilmen who are CONSTANTLY voting against the sanitation workers are Tom Harris (WARD 6), TJ Walker (WARD 4), Jabaris Walker (WARD 7), and Lige (Elijah) Daughtridge (WARD 5)!

Vote TIM BARNES for WARD 3 Rocky Mount city council in 2025


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