The True Rocky Mount

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The True Rocky Mount Gold Coin

Becoming a member of The True Rocky Mount provides you with a support team full of citizens from Rocky Mount if you are ever in need if help with concerns you may have, dealing with almost anything in the city of Rocky Mount. Our terms & agreement is designed to weed out freeloaders who receive help with their matters, but does not help people with theirs.

To do this, we have adopted a GOLD COIN system whereas you receive a Gold Coin for every case you participate in to help another member. You can then use that Gold Coin to receive help fromthe entire team for something that concerns you in your part of the community. If you do not have any Gold Coins in your account, you will not be able to ask for assistance from the group.

Once you join The True Rocky Mount, and your account is approved, you will then be able to login to your account, view open cases and the number of Gold Coins you have accumulated. Please read below for important information pertaining to The True Rocky Mount.

1) Only when an open case is marked closed, do you receive your Gold Coin.

2) A Gold Coin can only be gained once you show a required accumulation of time or actions within each case. Which means, you will not receive a Gold Coin for 2 minutes of time to the case, or show up at one rally or protest that concerns a case.

3) You cannot use a Gold Coin to help or assist someone outside of the organization.

4) There is no fee to join The True Rocky Mount.

5) Our organization are sometimes used as a last resort because of some methods we use, nothing illegal, but they do get results.


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